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ENÅ Spring events 2017!

The spring is slowly but surely coming to town, and with it the most anticipated ENÅ events of the semester!

In the beginning of March, we are arranging Sailors’ Spring Break! Our Caribbean style get-together is a great chance to let out some steam, participate in our national ball sports tournament, go to sauna and do some BBQ. Get your leis and hula skirts out, boys & girls!

This year we have the honor of hosting the grand Vinterspelen 2017, as our brothers and sisters from Kalmar, Mariehamn and Göteborg are coming to town in March 24th for some games and quality time! Who will be the last school standing and departing as winner of Vinterspelen 17?

After the dust of the winter games has settled, the school year is coming to its end. There is, however, the largest and most traditional student event left: the May Day alias Vappu. And we at ENÅ take some things very seriously: parties and traditions. So brace yourselves ladies and gentleman, for Wappu MAYhem 2017 is on its way!

Check out the links and event calendar to find out more and follow the facebook events to keep up with what’s up!