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ENÅ Overall Initiation 2022

Freshmen Overall Initiation took place in 2.3.2022.

After a long wait the freshmen get their new clean overalls, which meant that it was time to make tem dirty. The event started in Linnanpuisto where the games took place. After rolling around in the muddy snow the part continued at Klubben, that’s when de drinking really started! Afterparty was at Skärgårdsbaren where people partied all night long!

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ENÅ goes Vinterspelen

Vinterspelen 2015

Hello! It is time again for the greatest adventure of the year, Vinterspelen 2020!

Vinterspelen is an annual event that is held between the Swedish speaking maritime schools in Sweden and Finland, rotating between the schools. This year the event is held in Göteborg, from the 2nd to the 5th of April, at the Chalmers maritime school. The event consist of a pub crawl on Thursday, Games on Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be topped off with a gala dinner where prices will be given out. Sunday is a day for recovery from the tough games and a day to go home.

We have 20 spots open for students to join the event. The trip would start on the first of April, by taking the evening ferry to Stockholm, then train to Göteborg in the morning. We would then return the same way, taking the train and evening ferry on the 5th and returning to Turku in the morning of the 6th.

The price would be somewhere in the vicinity of 130€ per person for the trip.
This price would include:
– Trip to Stockholm from Turku and the return trip to Turku.
– Train to Göteborg and Back.
– Hotel stay.
– Gala dinner held after the games. (Dress code: not casual, so bring something nice to wear.)

Sign up link is below!

We hope to see you there and representing ENÅ in the games!