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ENÅ goes SMM, day 2

Day two of overinformation that is. You might think, it’s a long way down to the chemist. But that’s just peanuts compared to the way from hall B6 (where Aboa Mare is located) to A1 or any other of the A halls. And on the way there are people, wondering what you do and telling you about their products. And there’s a lot of tiny things that you take for granted or just don’t seem to think about.

Of course, a lot of maritime businesses are about automation. And the first thing that comes to my mind then, is autonomous vessels. It’s not quite that and the autonomous part of our job is far away. But that is when it hits you that there are so many processes on board that are already automated that – at least I – take for granted. Thery are there, you don’t think about them and yet your life is easier.

I spent some utterly interesing time today to learn about anti cavitation pumps with a person from the company Leistritz. Those are one of the things that you don’t think about. You just empty a tankship and that’s it. That there will be a lot of vibration after a certain time if you don’t reduce the rpm and that the pump will start sucking air, producing even more vibration, that is something I never thought about. Well, a small sensor that detects the vibration helps prolonging the life of the pump by reducing the rpm and so spare some crutial parts from wearing.

I also learned a lot about filtering lube oil in a smarter and more energy saving way and saw integrated bridge systems that look simply stunning. But that’s for another time, folks.