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Studia Maritima Lectures!

Studia Maritima is an open lecture series open for everyone interested about the subjects. Entrance is free, and there will be three lectures this spring! ENÅ highly recommends everyone to attend if you feel like learning something new!

The schedule  for spring is following:


Tiistai 9.2.2016

Polaarikoodi – turvaa arktisille merille

Projektipäällikkö  Johanna Yliskylä-Peuralahti, Turun yliopiston Brahea-keskus, Merenkulkualan koulutus- ja tutkimuskeskus

Klo 14.30 Turussa, Forum Marinumin Ruuma-auditoriossa, Linnankatu 72

Tiistai 1.3.2016

Merenkulkijan hyvinvointi merimiespalveluiden näkökulmasta

Toimitusjohtaja  Sampsa Sihvola, Merimiespalvelutoimisto

Klo 14.30 Turussa, Forum Marinumin Ruuma-auditoriossa, Linnankatu 72


Tiistai 5.4.2016

Laivaliikenteen riskien hallinnointi

Tutkija Inari Helle, Helsingin yliopisto, Ympäristötieteiden laitos

Klo 14.30 Turussa, Forum Marinumin Ruuma-auditoriossa

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The Party of the Year is here!!!

This legendary party will be held at our school and is open for all Aboa Mare students, teachers, their possible avecs and for anyone willing to party with sailors!

With a price of 30/35 € (member/non-member) you will get 2 drinks, a snaps, access to an awesome Christmas feast cooked by our one and only Maila, and coffee & cognac.

After party is organized at Aussie Bar where they will open their doors for us and offer discounted drinks and a DJ playing the best hits! Bus transportation to the after party is included in the price.

Sign up is open in this link: